Certified Playground Sand

SAND – in playgrounds years ago, the good old sandpit was the main attraction for children. Nowadays, with the advent of imaginative and innovative play equipment, the sandpit is not the only play item which requires sand. Sand is the ideal medium for serious and innovative fun for all. The combined particle sizes of sand allows it to ‘give’ on impact and absorb the force of creative play.

Our FURNASS CERTIFIED PLAYGROUND SAND is your choice for a safe and natural playground surface. All play equipment has a fall zone and our SAND is ideal for this purpose. Furnass Certified Playground Sand is fully compliant with AS/NZS 4422:1996 – Playground Surfacing – Specification requirements and test methods.

We can supply and instal CERTIFIED SAND in sandpits and sand play areas. This service includes the excavation of old sand, inspection of the sub-surface drainage and the supply and installation of new sand. This can be done on a six monthly basis to keep sandpits looking fresh and clean.

We can also provide both certified and non-certified sand for sporting activities including:

  • Beach volleyball
  • Long jump
  • Equestrian arenas
  • Golf Courses

For further technical information please refer to our Furnass Certified Playground Sand brochure.

If you would like a FREE consultation for your SAND needs, please contact our office.